Monday, July 29, 2013

I love them!

Mom & Zaya, 2013
My mom has dementia. We first noticed it about ten years ago, but she declined rapidly after my dad—her husband of 57 years—died in 2008. Now she doesn’t recognize me anymore. I was her baby, the youngest of her seven children She used to call me “Precious.” Now I am just a friendly man who mysteriously appears to her once in a while while she watches TV in her room at the assisted-living facility.

My mom loved children. Still loves them, in fact. (My sister hates when I refer to Mom in the past tense.) Last March, when Zaya was just five weeks old, we took her to meet my mom—Zaya’s paternal grandmother. Mom had no idea who we were, but when we walked into her room with the baby in our arms, she blurted out:
”I love them!” Meaning all babies. She had no idea that this was her granddaughter, her 11th grandchild. But she still loves those babies!