Monday, January 07, 2013

Grade School Reunion

Row 1 (L to R): Tom, Joyce, Phyllis, Karen, Barbara
Row 2 (L to R): Steve, Tim, David, Matt, Sister Danielle
Row 3 (L to R): Brian, Robert
My grade school held a reunion in Pennsylvania over the weekend. I saw many old friends I hadn't seen in many, many years. It was fantastic, a chance to share memories (good, bad, and hazy), and a chance to catch up on our lives.

The picture at the top is our class photo from seventh grade (1978-79) at St. Agnes School in Sellersville, Pa. Of the eleven students in the photo, nine attended the reunion (as did two who missed picture day way back then). Pretty amazing! 
L to R: Karen, David, Phyllis, Colleen, Joyce,
Matt, Tom, Steve, Tim, Brian, Phil