Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Things are warming up... a bit

Things are beginning to warm up a bit in Ulaanbaatar, with daytime highs this week in the 0 F to +3 F range. Not time to break out the shorts yet, but I have reduced my upper layers from four to three, and I've started wearing my regular jeans again (instead of the flannel-lined pair). ... R.I.P. Florence Green, the very last World War I veteran. Florence was a member of the British Royal Air Force. She died on Saturday, just two weeks shy of her 111th birthday. ... A blogger has translated one of my articles about the secret operation on Grover Cleveland into Italian. Very cool! ... The Chicago-based band Canasta is touring Mongolia this week as part of the State Department's Arts Envoy Program. She's traveling with them out in the countryside (as the boondocks are called here) and sent along this photo of one of her hotel bathrooms. The shower has a small hot water heater that needs to be plugged in when you shower. But, as you can see, when you plug it in, it creates a wee bit of a hazard!