Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top Five of '12

  1. Allyson gets knocked up. In late April, my seed found purchase in Allyson’s womb. We look forward to welcoming our little girl into the world in January.
  2. My New York Times op-ed. Admittedly it’s a big drop off from No. 1, but in October the Times published my op-ed about Grover Cleveland and Hurricane Sandy ( 
  3. Paris. In January, Allyson and I flew from UB to Paris for the weekend. It was extravagant, and we loved every minute of it ( 
  4. Travels in Mongolia. In 2012, Allyson and I were fortunate enough to visit several aimags (provinces) in Mongolia. We saw camels, deserts, mountains, mosques, and nomads. What a gorgeous country!
  5. A baby on the way. Did I mention that Allyson is preggers? Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!