Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Beijing Trip

Allyson had a conference in Beijing last week and I tagged along to check out the city. We got a bit of sightseeing in on Friday and Saturday and generally had a good time. I was impressed by the city: clean, modern, totalitarian. But the public displays of expectoration were startlingly numerous (and disgusting). People here in UB spit in public a lot, but nothing like the Chinese, who seem to be conjuring a piece of an internal organ with the preliminary hacking, then expel the result on the sidewalk (or, in one case, the floor of the meat market), not to mention everything else in the general vicinity. Seriously, don't talk to me about "cultural differences" -  you'll never be regarded as a modern city as long as people are hocking loogies in public. (And there are packs of wild dogs roaming about - but that's a different rant.)

Anyway, here I am in Tiananmen Square. I was going to write "freedom" on a bed sheet and run around with it, but Allyson talked me out of it.

On Saturday we took a cooking class and learned how to make won tons, dumplings, etc. Here's Allyson carefully making a won ton.

 And here we are enjoying the fruits of our labors!