Monday, September 26, 2011

Harry Truman's Utmärkt Resan

For some reason, my Truman book has been reviewed in Swedish. Here's the original, and here's the "English" version courtesy of the Google translator. From the latter, here's my favorite bit:
In a postscript to the paperback edition from 2011 of his book (the original was introduced in 2009) says Algeo that he managed to trace the car to a farm near Kansas City, unfortunately in rather poor condition and impossible expensive to restore (in the overgrown garden of a jew lawyer family outside Philadelphia I invited over a Thanksgiving weekend at the mid-sixties there was an equally imaginative and derelict car, a big station wagon with exterior wooden slats that belonged to the radical artist Ben Shahn ( with the posthumous portrait of Day Hammarsköld with the menacing ash ).