Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Annual Grover Cleveland Birthday Conference Presents: A Lecture By Matthew Algeo

The President Is a Sick Man

10 a.m., Saturday March 19th, 2011

Author and journalist, Matthew Algeo, will speak on the secret surgery of President Cleveland in 1893, the ensuing cover-up, and the news reporter who, after publishing the story, was labeled a liar and a “disgrace to journalism”. Twenty-four long years would pass before one of Cleveland’s doctors finally revealed the truth.

As a journalist, Algeo has reported from three continents. His stories have been featured on public radio programs; All Things Considered, Marketplace, and Morning Edition. Mr. Algeo is the author of Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure, named one of the Best Books of 2009 by the Washington Post, and Last Team Standing, a history of the Eagles and the Steelers. Wife, Allyson, works for the United States government as a Foreign Service officer. The couple currently resides in Washington.

Excerpts from his latest book, The President is a Sick Man:

“. . . some presidents have gone to remarkable lengths to hide their infirmities . . . Edith Wilson, for all intents and purposes, oversaw the executive branch after her husband’s stroke. It has been said that she could be considered the country’s first female president. . . .Even his valet knew Harding was deathly ill, telling a Secret Service agent that “something is going to happen to our boss . . .”

“. . . at the very moment President Cleveland was slumped, unconscious, in a makeshift operating room . . . the nation's attention was fixed on the opposite end of New York State . . .A steeplejack and tightrope walker . . . was attempting to cross a wire strung over Niagara Falls. According to one report . . .”

Date: Saturday, March 19th

Time: 9:30 Registration, Lecture 10 am, Luncheon to follow

Location: First Presbyterian Church at Caldwell, 326 Bloomfield Ave., Caldwell NJ

Fee: $25 fee for lecture and luncheon.

Free admission to Grover Cleveland Historic Site

Registration: In advance: 973-226-0001 gcmuseum@gmail.com

Or register at the door.

Event Sponsored by: The Grover Cleveland Birthplace Memorial Association