Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Wrong Matt

Not sure if I've blogged about this before but... Last year I was promoting the Truman book. Had an appearance scheduled on a program on XM/Sirius satellite radio. I went to the studio in New York. Introduced myself to the receptionist. Took a seat in the lobby. A young woman came up to me a few minutes later. "Are you Matt?" "Yes, I am." She led me back to a studio. Everything was very fast paced. The producer was on the phone, the host was screaming at the producer, etc. Not the typical setting for an interview about a book about an obscure event in American history. ...

The host turned to me and said, "We're on in 90 seconds. First thing we're gonna talk about is Afghanistan." This struck me as odd. I wasn't often asked about Afghanistan while promoting a book about an obscure event in American history. I guess it showed on my face.

"You're Matt Taibbi, right?" the host asked me. No, I cofessed, I was not Rolling Stone's national political correspondent. I was hustled out of the studio, passing a breathless Matt Taibbi on my way back to my seat in the lobby.