Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few days ago I was the “guest speaker” for a class at a small college. I pulled into town a little early and stopped at a diner for lunch. I had a club sandwich, which was delicious. Then I drove to the college, arriving about fifteen minutes before the class was scheduled to begin. Suddenly, my tummy didn’t feel so good. Maybe it was the club sandwich, I don’t know. In any event, I was lucky to find a bathroom just in the nick of time.

I travel frequently, so I always carry a small medicine bottle containing the various medicines I might need in a pinch: a couple Aleve, the daily doses of my prescription drugs, etc. Among these medicines, fortunately, is Imodium AD. I hurriedly fished a couple out of the bottle. They looked a little different than I remembered, but I just gulped them down. This was an emergency.

I was just beginning my talk when I began to feel drowsy and realized what I’d done: I hadn't taken Imodium. I'd taken Unisom, an over-the-counter sleeping pill. I made it through the talk, fortunately, as well as the drive back to the train station. But I slept pretty well on the train ride back home.