Monday, December 14, 2009

They’ve changed the way household trash is picked up here in Rome. Changed it from the most simple system imaginable to one of the most complicated. Used to be, you just put your trash out on the curb at night. No special days, no special bags – no sorting. (There were vague rumors that, if you put your bottles and cans in a separate bag, somehow they would be recycled. But we were skeptical.)

It wasn’t the most environmentally friendly system, but it sure was convenient.

Recently, however, the city instituted a new system in our neighborhood. Now trash must be separated four ways (organic waste, paper, bottles, non-recyclable waste). Each is collected on a different day at two different places. It’s all very confusing, and so far we seem to be the only people in our apartment building actually trying to follow the new system. Apparently old habits die very, very hard here.