Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well, Allyson and I didn't win Italy's record-setting lottery jackpot last night. Disappointing, yes. But I really can't complain. You see, yesterday I received an e-mail from the U.K. National Lottery Loard [sic], informing me that I have won 1,000,000 British pounds ($1,647,316.36). It was a bit of a surprise, since I've never actually played the U.K. National Lottery. But why ask questions - I mean, it is a million pounds! So I've gone ahead and e-mailed them a bunch of really sensitive personal information. Now we're just sitting back and waiting for that certified check to arrive! (Actually, we're not even waiting: We've already spent a good chunk of that million, believe me!) So I may not be posting much for the next few weeks, you know, while I'm sorting out the various tax implications, etc. of this unexpected windfall.

Finally, I can quit my job!