Saturday, July 04, 2009

Found this when I was rummaging through stuff at my mom and dad's old house last month. It's my dad's plane ticket from their honeymoon. They flew to Bermuda, which was a pretty swanky honeymoon for a union plumber and a registered nurse in 1951. The cost of each round-trip ticket was $97.75, which (according to this website anyway), equals about $820 in today's dollars. As you can see, they flew Colonial Airlines, a Canadian outfit that was bought by Eastern Air Lines in 1956. (Eastern went belly up in 1991.) I also found a brochure from the resort they stayed at: Elbow Beach Surf Club, which is now part of the Mandarin Oriental hotel group. I guess they had a good time. They were in Bermuda from October 21 to October 25. My eldest sibling was born the following July 24.