Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well, the good review in last Sunday’s Washington Post has given HTEA a nice boost. On Monday it ranked as high as No. 108 on Today it’s still hovering right around 250.

Yesterday the Post held an on-line discussion about summer books, during which HTEA was mentioned favorably:

Brookland, D.C.: Seems like there's a lot of depressing news out there revolving around newspapers and publishing. Book sales are down; book coverage is getting slashed; newspapers are disappearing altogether; etc. In such trying times (to maybe overstate the situation?) which current writers consistently put a smile on your face?

[Book World editor] Rachel Hartigan Shea: Good writers, actually. And I don't think they're going away. People always want stories in whatever form they take.

But the book that most delighted me recently is "Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure," which we reviewed last Sunday. I love the idea that 1) Truman thought he could go on a road trip like a normal person, and 2) that Matthew Algeo became so obsessed with the trip that he tracked down just about every detail of it...

The book has also received several nice mentions on various blogs in recent days. Thank you, bloggers!