Friday, April 10, 2009

My book is mentioned in the new (May) issue of Real Simple. It’s included in the magazine’s monthly “Simple List.” Very cool! ... On their trip, Harry and Bess ate lunch at the Princess Restaurant in Frostburg, Maryland. As I mention in the book, of all the small mom-and-pop businesses that the Trumans patronized on their trip, the Princess is the only one that has survived, more or less intact, in the same family. This week, the Cumberland (Maryland) Times-News ran a very nice article about the restaurant on the occasion of its 70th anniversary. ... My book also includes a little sidebar on UFOs. Well, this week the Los Angeles Times ran a fascinating article about Area 51, the secret military base where crashed UFOs are supposedly stored. ... Thanks to my friend Colin Woodard for giving the book a very nice plug on his blog. (See you in a couple weeks, Colin!) ... Thanks also to Anna for mentioning the book on her blog, “Muse at Highway Speeds.” ... It’s going to be a busy weekend: Allyson has to work, while I have to get ready for the trip home. (The cats have nothing special planned.) Have a great weekend everybody!