Monday, March 23, 2009

The Rome Marathon was yesterday. Allyson and I took part in the event’s four-kilometer “fun run,” which was neither much fun, nor much of a run. There were so many participants that you could barely walk, much less run, for the first kilometer or so. And the course was mostly uphill, which was definitely not fun!

Afterward, we watched the real runners. The marathon course went very close to our apartment building. I shot this video of the leaders passing by us, right at the 36-kilometer (22-mile) mark. (The leader in this video, Benjamin Kiptoo Kolum, went on to win the race in record time.) What impressed me is how fast these guys are running! I mean, I know they are world-class runners, but they went by so fast you could barely read their bib numbers - and they still had four more miles to go!

After the marathon, we worked on our terrace for a good two or three hours, pulling weeds, sweeping up a winter’s worth of dirt, etc. That was much harder than the fun run - but probably not as hard as running the marathon would have been.