Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A few people have asked me if I’m still working on the Rome Bus Project. The answer is, yes, I am, though not as diligently as I should. With the book coming out in May, I’ve been busy preparing for the book tour and building a website (it hasn’t officially launched yet, but here's a sneak peak). But I’m hoping to get at least one full day of bus rides in this week, so stay tuned. ... I was watching a DVD of WKRP in Cincinnati the other night when I noticed something funny. In the episode “Fish Story” (the one where Herb dresses up as the ’KRP carp), Venus Flytrap is wearing a Cincinnati Reds jacket with a very obvious typo! ... Best wishes to Chris Squire, the bass player in Yes, my all-time favorite progressive rock group. He’s been hospitalized due to “an unspecified medical emergency [that] required surgery on his leg.” (Rumor has it that it was a blood clot.) In any event, I hope Chris is back on his feet soon: I was hoping to see Yes in Rome this summer!