Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For reasons known only to God, the song that has been resolutely stuck in my head for the past few days is "Guilty," the treacly Barbra Streisand-Barry Gibb duet that was a humungous hit in the early '80s. This song contains lyrics that strike me as unusual, if not cruel:

It oughta be illegal
Make it a crime to be lonely or sad

I understand the sentiment - that, by outlawing loneliness and sadness we might somehow eradicate those two (admittedly regrettable) human emotions. But, even if Congress enacts tough new anti-lonely-or-sad legislation (and with the Democrats in charge, who knows?), what about those few poor souls who, no matter how hard they try, are unable to stifle their loneliness and/or sadness? I mean, is incarcerating the lonely or sad really the answer? Surely it would only make them sadder - though, given prison overcrowding, it might, I must concede, cure their loneliness.

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