Thursday, October 23, 2008

You may remember me telling you about the piece of glass that was stuck in my right heel for nearly a month before somehow working itself out. Well, the few people I’ve shown it to haven’t been very impressed (though they were all a little grossed out). This reaction has disappointed me, for, as far as I’m concerned, the size of the piece of glass that was stuck in my heel is irrelevant. The very fact that it was in there for nearly a month is the remarkable thing. Anyway, after many, many attempts, I have finally managed to (sort of) photograph said shard, visual evidence I submit herewith, leaving it to you, dear reader, to determine whether you would feel comfortable walking around with this in your heel for NEARLY A MONTH:

Incidentally, I’m thinking about auctioning off this shard on eBay, to raise awareness of the problem of people walking around with small bits of glass lodged in their feet.

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