Wednesday, October 15, 2008

With the Phillies one win away from the World Series, I am pleased to present the following photograph, which was taken exactly 25 years ago yesterday.

With my friends Jeff Benner (center) and Greg Seip (right), I am preparing to go to Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia to see the Phillies play the Baltimore Orioles in Game 3 of the 1983 World Series. We were seniors in high school. The brown car in the background is, I believe, my parents’ 1975 Ford Maverick – my high school ride.

I have almost no recollection of the event, probably because the Phillies lost (and would go on to lose the Series). In fact, until Greg e-mailed me the photo this week, if somebody had asked me whether I’d ever been to a World Series game, I would have answered no.

I do, however, very much remember that Phillies jersey I’m wearing. A powder blue pullover, 1,000 percent polyester, possibly the itchiest article of clothing ever manufactured. And a terrible knockoff, to boot, what with the red and white trim on the V-neck collar. I wonder what I’m wearing underneath it. Probably a Yes concert T-shirt…

Incidentally, our household effects – well, most of them – finally arrived on Monday. It was not an uncomplicated process. To avoid traffic congestion, the movers arrived before five in the morning. And the moving truck was too big to negotiate the narrow streets of central Rome, so they had to park it outside the old city walls and ferry everything to our apartment building in a van.

We have gone from living in a barren apartment to the exact opposite. Once everything is in order, I’ll post some pictures.

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