Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Around September 10, while we were in Maine, Allyson accidentally dropped a wine glass in our condo. It broke into a trillion pieces. Literally. OK, not literally, but it really did pretty much disintegrate. We thought we’d swept it all up, but the next morning I stepped on a shard and cut my heel. The cut never really healed, so I went to see the doctor at the embassy when we got to Rome. She advised me to wait it out. Well, earlier this week I was in the shower when I noticed a piece of glass sticking out of my heel! It took nearly four weeks, but that shard had finally worked its way out. It was surprisingly big too, a couple millimeters across, and very sharp. I was able to extract it with tweezers and tape it to an index card. I’m thinking about getting it framed.

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