Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A terrible (and expensive) mistake has been made. By me. (By myself?)

During our packout, I accidentally packed away our apartment building parking permit. A little piece of plastic that we hang from the rear view mirror whenever we rent a car and park it in our building’s garage (we don’t own a car).

The cost of replacing said permit: $250. How they arrived at such an outrageous figure is a mystery to me, but I guess it’s their prerogative.

How did it happen? Let me tell you…

I kept a bunch of junk on the windowsill next to my desk. Said junk was divided into two piles: important and unimportant.

Last week, our dryer broke. It wasn’t venting properly. The maintenance man came to check it out. He leaned out the window to inspect the vent. All the junk got pushed to one side (to keep it from falling out the window). The important and unimportant piles were commingled.

Over the succeeding days, I pulled the important stuff out of the big pile as I needed it and began creating a new important pile: State Department badge, wallet, keys, $20 Open gift certificate. But we didn’t rent a card after the dryer broke, so the parking permit stayed in the big pile, which became the de facto unimportant pile, and, as such, was packed away yesterday and is now on its way to Rome, along with various postcards, Washington pop-up maps, semi-used handkerchiefs, paper clips, and postage stamps.

Arrivederci $250 parking permit! See you in Rome!

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