Thursday, May 15, 2008

While researching my book it's been interesting to see how buildings have (or haven't changed) over the past 50 years or so. On their trip, one of the restaurants that Harry and Bess ate at was the Country House in New Kingstown, Pennsylvania, just west of Harrisburg. Last winter I spoke on the phone with Harvey Sunday, who owned the restaurant. He told me the building that housed the restaurant is now being used as a post office. I went to New Kingstown and snapped this picture:

When I went inside the building, it was hard to imagine that it had ever been a restaurant. The lobby, the counter, the rows of P.O. boxes - it looked exactly like a post office should. I even began to wonder if Harvey wasn't mistaken. Then, earlier this week, I was lucky enough to meet with Harvey in person, at his retirement home in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He showed me an old brochure from the restaurant, with this picture on the front:

Clearly the same building. I wonder how many other post offices used to be restuarants?

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guv said...

Maybe this explains the persistent whiff of rotting produce that seems to plague my local post-office.

Or maybe it's just the smell of human despair.