Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just got off the phone with a Very Old Lady who worked for a Prominent Businessman who was friends with Harry Truman. I wanted to interview her for my book. I had been warned that she was a bit curmudgeonly. Was she ever!

Me: How would you describe their relationship?

VOL: What kind of question is that?!

Me: Well, were they close friends? Did they call each other by their first names?

VOL: How would I know?!

Me: OK, do you remember when the Trumans visited him in 1953?

VOL: No! Too many years have passed!

It was apparent the interview was pointless.

Me (diplomatically, I think): Well, thank you so much for your time...

VOL: Is that all?!

It was kind of sad, actually. Even though she was being thoroughly uncooperative and unhelpful, I think she wanted to keep talking.

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