Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Allyson and I finally arrived in Washington Monday evening after traveling more than 3,000 miles in a little more than two weeks, from Tennessee to Philadelphia to Maine to New York, Harrisburg, Columbus, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and various points in between. It was a good trip, but it left us a little run down.

The weather was OK (for the most part), and there are definite advantages to being off-season tourists. In Dayton, we were the only two visitors to the Air Force Museum’s presidential airplanes exhibit (where we got to walk through Harry Truman’s old plane, as well as an old Air Force One). That was pretty cool.

In Washington, Pa., we were driving by the campus of Washington and Jefferson College when eagle-eyed Allyson spotted the marker pictured above. I don’t know who Albert M. Algeo was, but I guess he had a lot of money.

Our furnished apartment in Washington (Rosslyn, actually) is very nice. It’s on the 13th floor, which I kind of like. We picked up the cats yesterday. They seem to be adjusting to their new home.

Finally, the procedure – I guess it technically wasn’t an operation – that my dad underwent last week went OK. He’s still in the hospital, but we hope he can go home this weekend.

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