Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today we leave Bamako. It’s been an amazing two years. I won’t miss the heat, the mosquitoes, or the traffic, but I will miss the people. Allyson’s colleagues at the embassy have shown us every kindness, and the Malians we’ve come to know are, simply put, some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met. We will miss them all.

We’ll also miss our big house with the swimming pool.

We leave for the airport tonight at nine. The cats won’t be happy. But – inshallah – we will all arrive in Washington early tomorrow afternoon.

If you ever get the chance, visit Mali. It’s wonderful, vibrant, chaotic, and warm (in all meanings of the word). This has been an extraordinary experience. We will miss this place.

But I am looking forward to winter in America.

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Youssouf said...

This is the nicest feedback about my country ever. It was a pleasure to read your blog; helped my learn something about myself and my country. But, you've never mentioned that you will be back one day...Just kidding, I know you will. Finish the book quickly, can't wait to read it....