Sunday, November 25, 2007

We got back from our trek in Dogon country last night. It took about nine hours to drive up there last Wednesday. We hiked down the escarpment on Thursday, spent that night in a village, then hiked back up the escarpment on Friday. The hike back up was much more difficult than the hike down, I can tell you that. My whole body is still sore. Our guide, a Dogon named Habibou (hobby-boo), was fantastic. Anyway, here are a few pictures…

A menstruation hut in the village of Djiguibombo (jiggy-boom-bo).

Leaving Kani-Kombole on our rented cow cart.

Taking a breather on our way up the escarpment.

An animist teacher in Indelou.

A hunter in Begnimoto fires his gun for us (without ammunition, thankfully).

Last night we watched The Office on DVD.

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