Thursday, September 13, 2007

I’m feeling a little better today (thanks for asking). Managed to put in three hours at the Library of Congress microfilm room. Ah, yes, the microfilm room: where the socially awkward go to hone their awkwardness. If eye contact’s not your thing, the microfilm room is for you.

Speaking of awkward, did I tell you about my haircut on Monday? I went to this place in Ballston that I’ve gone to several times in the past. It’s Chinese-owned, and the barbers/stylists/whatever you call them are mostly twenty-something Chinese women. Mine was named Rose. After she finished cutting my hair, Rose started massaging my shoulders. “You walk lots today?” she asked. It was really weird/creepy. After a minute or so she stopped and that was that. It was only when I left that I noticed the sign in the window: “Free massage with every haircut.”

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Howard said...

what's the address of the barber shop?