Sunday, August 05, 2007

On Saturday I happened to catch a few minutes of the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony on AFN. One of the inductees gave a long-winded speech that included this stirring line: “I’d like to thank my strength and conditioning coach.” There wasn’t a wet eye in the house.

Now, it’s not likely to happen, but if I ever get inducted into a hall of fame or win a "major award," here’s what my speech will be: “Thank you, Allyson. Thank you, Mom and Dad. Drive home safely everybody.”

No one besides your spouse/significant other and your parents need be thanked. Well, maybe God. But definitely not your high school English teacher, or your spiritual advisor, or your aerobics instructor, or the neighbor who fed the cats when you were out of town – even if they all “stayed with me through all the hard times,” “never gave up on me,” “always believed in me,” etc.

Which reminds me: The winners of the Nobel Prizes will be announced in October. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

If you win a Nobel this year - and why shouldn't you? - you damn well better than your Guv.

Howard said...

If you win the Nobel, let me do the talking.