Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in Bamako. Well, for Allyson anyway. I’ve just been watching TV all day as usual.

The air conditioning at the new embassy is broken and probably won’t be fixed for a few more weeks, so Allyson is going in to work at six o’clock every morning, before it gets too hot. She’s still doing visa interviews, which is pretty remarkable given the circumstances. She usually gets sent home around noon, when it gets too hot to even keep the computers running.

Meanwhile, First Lady Laura Bush is coming to Bamako this week, and, in addition to everything else, Allyson is arranging media coverage for the visit. She will also be the First Lady’s “Gifts Officer,” which means she has to handle any gift exchanges that occur, keep track of who gives what, etc. The rules for that are pretty funny (e.g., NO LIVE ANIMALS), but I’m sure it will be a neat experience.

In less exciting news, I got the dreaded “we need to talk” e-mail from my agent last week. It looks like I need to come up with new book ideas. As usual, suggestions are welcomed – nay, encouraged. The best will be stolen.


Anonymous said...

First Lady of the US? Or Mali?

My gift ideas will vary -greatly- depending on the answer, as you might imagine.


guv said...


I was in The STL for 3 days recently. If Bamako is any hotter and more unpleasant than that, well then May God Be With You my friend.

Youssouf said...

I am so happy for the visit...Yea, we, Malians, love to five Live Animals to important personalities. I am pretty sure the First lady would love to see a goat in the grass of the White House....

Anonymous said...


There are live animals already at the White House. Jackals, wolves and pigs, principally.

Youssouf said...

Mind-blowing!!!! I watch National Geography all the time, and never hear about that...Somethings are always unbeknownst to mankind.