Monday, June 04, 2007

Allyson and I hosted a big party Friday night. It was for several members of the mission community who are moving on to new posts this month. About seventy people attended (including the ambassador), and everything went off without a hitch. It’s kind of funny, Allyson and I have been here for only a little more than a year, but we now qualify as “old timers” at the post.

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Stephanie said...

I can't believe

1) I wasn't invited to the party.

2) I successfully "googled" you and Allyson.

3) It's been (literally-ha) 10 years since I've seen you two (at your wedding...and I was in your wedding) Congratulations, BTW!

4) It's approaching 20 years since I went to high school with Ally. Check out NHS Class of 1989 blog Everyone's asking about her.... ;-)

-Stephanie Alligood