Saturday, April 14, 2007

I’ve received some great suggestions for helping the lonely, bored chimpanzee in the Bamako Zoo (see previous entry). The really sad thing about the chimp – and the rest of the unfortunate animals in the zoo – is that there’s really nothing that can be done for them. You could either try to improve the zoo or have it shut down. But the Malian government doesn’t have any money for improvements, and if you tried to raise funds privately, most would be lost to corruption. And if you force the zoo to close down, the animals will either be sent to equally pitiful African zoos or euthanized – probably the best option, come to think of it.

But there’s good animal news to report today: About two weeks ago, a dove built a nest on the outside of our porch and laid two eggs. She and (presumably) the father have been sitting on the eggs round the clock since then. Well, the eggs hatched this week, and two seemingly healthy chicks emerged. They’re tiny – each could fit in a thimble – but if all goes well they will be flying in about two weeks. Pretty cool.

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