Monday, April 23, 2007

I’ve filed a couple stories for Marketplace, which will probably run this Friday (April 27) and/or next Monday (April 30). The stories will be pegged to Mali’s presidential election, which takes place on Sunday. … Speaking of the election, I have volunteered to serve as an international observer at the polls. … The week before last I went to a small town called San to get tape for a story I’m working on. It’s on the Niger, about five hours from Bamako. Very interesting place. The people up there are Bobo (as opposed to Bamako, where everybody’s Bambara). They seemed friendly enough, but apparently they have a reputation for having short tempers. When I told my French professor I’d been there, he said, “Oh, The Bobo are very dangerous! You must never offend them.” Glad I didn’t (apparently). … Incidentally, my French professor, the very professorial Mr. Barry, wants to introduce me to a traditional healer he knows who claims to have found a cure for asthma. The healer wants to connect with American drug companies to share his cure. I’m hoping to meet him this week. ... Also this week: My agent is sending out my book proposal to publishers. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

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