Friday, March 09, 2007

Did you see House this week? There was this guy with a really bizarre disease and nobody could figure out what it was. But then Dr. House limped along and, after a brief struggle with his personal demons, voila! – he figured it out! Gotta love that Hugh Laurie!

Actually, I didn’t see House this week. But I’m assuming that was the plot, because that’s the plot of every single House ever produced. Gilligan’s Island had more interesting and varied plotlines than House.


Mitch Teich said...

I missed "House" this week. I was busy watching the episode of "All in the Family" where Archie says something intolerant and Meathead gets outraged, but they all grow a little bit by the end.

guv said...

I missed it to! I was watching the Law and Order where this married couple is having an argument as they walk down a street in SoHo, but -- what the heck?!-- the husband suddenly notices a corpse lying in the stairwell of a brownstone. Later, a cop appears and offers a macabre and punning one-liner. Then, you think it's this one person, but it turns out it someone you TOTALLY didn't expect. Sam Waterson is obviously drunk in this one, too.

Or maybe it was the Facts of Life rerun where Tooty learns an Important Life Lesson.