Monday, February 12, 2007

Allyson is going to submit her bid list tomorrow:

1. Berlin, Germany
2. Rome, Italy
3. La Paz, Bolivia
4. Vilnius, Lithuania
5. Athens, Greece
6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7. Belfast, Northern Ireland
8. Taipei, Taiwan
9. Brasilia, Brazil
10. Mumbai, India
11. Sarajevo, Bosnia
12. Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
13. New Delhi, India
14. Paramaribo, Suriname
15. Nicosia, Cyprus
16. Brasilia, Brazil
17. Sofia, Bulgaria
18. New Delhi, India
19. Hanoi, Vietnam
20. Shanghai, China

Brasilia and New Delhi appear twice on the list because she is bidding on two different jobs in each city. There is a very strong likelihood that she will get one of the Top 5 jobs on her bid list. But there is also the possibility (however remote) that she (we) could be sent someplace that’s not even on the list.


guv said...

What, no Portland, Oregon? Our little town's not good enough for you now, Mr. Fancy Continental Embassyman?

*sigh* I'm starting to think you're avoiding me. It's because of that Unpleasantness in the Midwest, isn't it?

malgeo said...

Nothing personal Guv! Actually, Vancouver (British Columbia, not Washington) was on the original bid list, but the job has already been taken.