Friday, September 29, 2006

Last night I spoke at the weekly meeting of the Perkasie Rotary Club. It was a good night: Not only did I get a free dinner, but I also won eight dollars in the 50-50 drawing! It was also nice to see Todd Hurley, a childhood friend--and not just for the reminiscing: Todd also bought two books!

Heard two great (mis)uses of "literally" on Comcast SportsNet last night. First a reporter said Terrell Owens' reported suicide attempt had "literally put the sports world on its ear." Then another reporter said Phillies slugger Ryan Howard had "literally carried the team on his shoulders" this season. Now that's a strong guy!

Finally, an update to an earlier post: My nephew Robert reports that Auschwitz does, in fact, have a gift shop. Just thought you should know.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today I taped an interview for WOGL-FM (98.1) in Philadelphia. It will run on the station’s public-affairs program (“Philadelphia Agenda”) this Sunday (October 1) at 6 a.m. Better set your alarm clocks!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I am deeply saddened to report that Vic Sears, one of the Steagles, passed away Thursday night. He was 88. Click here for a brief obituary.

Vic was a true gentleman. He was always friendly and helpful, and he was one of the first people to send me a note of congratulations when my book was published.

Vic's passing leaves just seven living Steagles: Bucko Kilroy, Allie Sherman, Al Wistert, Ted Doyle, Ernie Steele, Ray Graves, and Jack Hinkle.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bruges was great. Wish we could have stayed longer. It's a beautiful, authentic medieval town, with canals and great gothic churches. As soon as we get the pictures back, I'll post some.

I flew back into New York on Sunday night, met with my agent on Monday, then came back down to my parents' house outside Philadelphia yesterday. With all the running around I've caught a nasty cold. Ugh.

Tomorrow I'm flying to Milwaukee to tape an interview for Lake Effect, my friend Mitch's program on Milwaukee Public Radio. (We're also planning to catch a Brewers game if we can.)

Next week I'm taping two more interviews with Philly radio stations. And Philadelphia Magazine says it will review the book in its November issue. And that AP roundup of football books (including mine) has now appeared in more than 20 papers.

More later...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

AP has done a roundup of new football books, including mine. It appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Hopefully it will appear in many more papers too.

Looks like we might have an offer for the movie rights.

I'm off to Bruges, Belgium this afternoon to meet Allyson for the weekend. Returning on Sunday.

Friday, September 08, 2006

My friend Bob Kaminski snapped this photo of my book on display in the bookstore at Philadelphia International Airport. I have to admit, it is very cool seeing the book in stores. I'm still waiting to see someone actually reading it in public, so I can slide up and say, "So, I've heard a lot about that book. Is it any good?" (Of course, I might not get the answer I want...)

Good news: I went to the endodontist today and he said I don't need a root canal. Bad news: He says I need *two*. Well, he actually said I don't *need* them, but he said I should probably have them since I live in Africa, which apparently is not on U.S. News & World Report's Top 10 list of places to have a root canal. Prophylactic root canals. Nice.

Back on the book front, yesterday morning I did an interview for the morning news program on CN8, Comcast's cable TV channel in Philadelphia. They put makeup on me and everything. The whole segment lasted about four minutes and went really well. Not so much my next interview...

I walked from the CN8 studios at 12th and Market to the Inquirer building on North Broad Street to tape an hour-long interview for the Pennsylvania Cable Network's weekly book program ("PA Books"). Well, it was a warm day and by the time I got there I was dripping in sweat (of course). I couldn't cool down and sweated like Nixon through the whole interview. It was simultaneously embarrassing and amusing. At one point they actually stopped taping to give me a chance to towel off. I was disappointed because, well, when the interview runs next month, I will be on TV, perspiring profusely, for an hour. I don't think I'll watch.

Tonight I will be on WOND, a radio station in Atlantic City, at 7:20. Be sure to tune in, my A.C. homies!

By the way, my friend Mitch Teich has a blog that has been nominated for Blog of the Week at MKE Online, the website of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's weekly feature magazine. Mitch's blog is called 19 Minutes Past the Hour, and it's much more interesting/informative/entertaining/enlightening than my own feeble attempt at blogging. Mitch actually says things about people beside himself. Anyway, if you have a few seconds, click here to vote for Mitch's blog. I think the grand prize is a trip to Rome. Or nothing. I'm not sure which.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On yesterday's post I said I thought the 1980 Phillies jersey was a zip-up. Well, my friend Scott Westcott was in Cooperstown last weekend, where he snapped this picture of a Mike Schmidt jersey that clearly is a button-up. HOWEVER, based on the sleeve patch, I believe this jersey is from 1983, not 1980, so I stand by my original assertion (for now).

Had two interviews this morning. The first was with Daybreak USA on the USA Radio Network. The second was on Hornsberger LIVE!, a cable TV show produced by WPXI in Pittsburgh. Both went well, though nobody seems to be able to get the title of the book right. The radio hosts kept calling it "The Steagles" and the TV host called it "THE Last Team Standing." Anyway, the interviews went fine and the book is holding steady around #8,000 on the Amazon bestsellers list.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My book gets a very nice mention today on a really cool blog called Uni Watch. If you're like me and you obsess about things like whether the 1980 Phillies jersey was a zip-up, a button-up, or a pullover, you will absolutely love Uni Watch. (For the record, I think it was a zip-up.)

I'm in Pittsburgh today. I was supposed to do an interview about the book on WPXI-TV, but, sadly, the mayor died over the weekend, so it looks like I will be bumped.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

There are two nice articles about the book in the Sunday papers, one in the Maine Sunday Telegram (click here to read it) and one in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (click here to read it). Still nothing in the Philly papers. Maybe this week...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Last Thursday was "Amazon Day." I asked my family and friends to buy the book on to boost its sales rank. (The generic term for this is "cheating.") Anyway, it worked: The book cracked the Top 1,000 overall and hit #1 in the "Sports/Football (American)/Professional" category. The practical effect: minimal. But it was still very cool. Many, many thanks to everybody who bought the book!

Thursday night I held my first "signing" at the Lombard Swim Club in Philadelphia (thanks to Joan and Jim for setting it up). That, too, was a success: I sold 14 books.

There have also been a few nibbles of interest in the movie rights. Nothing concrete yet, but I'm optimistic.

On Monday I'm off to Pittsburgh to tape an interview for WPXI-TV. More details later.