Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yet another Steagle has passed away: Ernie Steele died at his home in Seattle on Monday. He was 88. Click here, here, and here for obituaries.

Ernie played seven seasons in Philadelphia, and he was a member of the Eagles’ first championship team in 1948. After that season, he retired from football and returned to his native Seattle, where he opened a cocktail lounge/restaurant called Ernie Steele’s. What a place that was! (I speak from personal experience.) Sadly, it did not survive Seattle’s gentrification; Ernie sold the business in 1993.

I interviewed Ernie (and his wife Jo) at their Seattle home in the summer of 2005. Ernie was a perfect gentleman, and, although he wasn’t feeling well, he answered all my questions with infinite patience and good humor. He was a good man.

Ernie is the third Steagle to die in less than a month. Just five remain. God bless them all.

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