Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On yesterday's post I said I thought the 1980 Phillies jersey was a zip-up. Well, my friend Scott Westcott was in Cooperstown last weekend, where he snapped this picture of a Mike Schmidt jersey that clearly is a button-up. HOWEVER, based on the sleeve patch, I believe this jersey is from 1983, not 1980, so I stand by my original assertion (for now).

Had two interviews this morning. The first was with Daybreak USA on the USA Radio Network. The second was on Hornsberger LIVE!, a cable TV show produced by WPXI in Pittsburgh. Both went well, though nobody seems to be able to get the title of the book right. The radio hosts kept calling it "The Steagles" and the TV host called it "THE Last Team Standing." Anyway, the interviews went fine and the book is holding steady around #8,000 on the Amazon bestsellers list.

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Seip said...

Schmitty's jersey does seem to have that 100 year anniversary patch of the Phillies, thereby representing 1983. However, it doesn't seem to be circular as the patch was jersey sewn.

Therefore, you are right on for it is not 1980. I would think this is the jersey that Schmidt wore in 1977 when he hit four home runs, his 4th coming in the 10th inning of a 23-22 nailbiter.