Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My book gets a very nice mention today on a really cool blog called Uni Watch. If you're like me and you obsess about things like whether the 1980 Phillies jersey was a zip-up, a button-up, or a pullover, you will absolutely love Uni Watch. (For the record, I think it was a zip-up.)

I'm in Pittsburgh today. I was supposed to do an interview about the book on WPXI-TV, but, sadly, the mayor died over the weekend, so it looks like I will be bumped.


mitch teich said...

"Now let's go to sports, and Dave Wilson."

"Thanks, Bob. Speaking of dead Pittsburghers, there are plenty of them in a new book about the 1943 Phil-Pitt Steagles. And the author of that book joins us now..."

M. La Rocka said...

Mr. Teich certainly has a way with a segue.

Back in the Victorian Era, when I worked as a girl reporter with Miss Nelly Bly, I would have been proud to have mastered so difficult a transition.

Guv: I cannot help but notice that you are making VERY slow progress towards the Pacific Northwest. Lewis and Clark made better time than you.