Saturday, September 02, 2006

Last Thursday was "Amazon Day." I asked my family and friends to buy the book on to boost its sales rank. (The generic term for this is "cheating.") Anyway, it worked: The book cracked the Top 1,000 overall and hit #1 in the "Sports/Football (American)/Professional" category. The practical effect: minimal. But it was still very cool. Many, many thanks to everybody who bought the book!

Thursday night I held my first "signing" at the Lombard Swim Club in Philadelphia (thanks to Joan and Jim for setting it up). That, too, was a success: I sold 14 books.

There have also been a few nibbles of interest in the movie rights. Nothing concrete yet, but I'm optimistic.

On Monday I'm off to Pittsburgh to tape an interview for WPXI-TV. More details later.

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