Friday, September 29, 2006

Last night I spoke at the weekly meeting of the Perkasie Rotary Club. It was a good night: Not only did I get a free dinner, but I also won eight dollars in the 50-50 drawing! It was also nice to see Todd Hurley, a childhood friend--and not just for the reminiscing: Todd also bought two books!

Heard two great (mis)uses of "literally" on Comcast SportsNet last night. First a reporter said Terrell Owens' reported suicide attempt had "literally put the sports world on its ear." Then another reporter said Phillies slugger Ryan Howard had "literally carried the team on his shoulders" this season. Now that's a strong guy!

Finally, an update to an earlier post: My nephew Robert reports that Auschwitz does, in fact, have a gift shop. Just thought you should know.

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