Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bruges was great. Wish we could have stayed longer. It's a beautiful, authentic medieval town, with canals and great gothic churches. As soon as we get the pictures back, I'll post some.

I flew back into New York on Sunday night, met with my agent on Monday, then came back down to my parents' house outside Philadelphia yesterday. With all the running around I've caught a nasty cold. Ugh.

Tomorrow I'm flying to Milwaukee to tape an interview for Lake Effect, my friend Mitch's program on Milwaukee Public Radio. (We're also planning to catch a Brewers game if we can.)

Next week I'm taping two more interviews with Philly radio stations. And Philadelphia Magazine says it will review the book in its November issue. And that AP roundup of football books (including mine) has now appeared in more than 20 papers.

More later...

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