Friday, June 23, 2006

Steagles update: The page proofs have been sent to the printer. The galley copies have been printed. (The galleys are printed using the uncorrected proofs. They are sent to reviewers with long lead times, such as at monthly magazines.) The subtitle has been changed (again!). And the cover has been redesigned. All very exciting! Thanks to the two people (I know who you are!) who have already pre-ordered the book on, pushing it (briefly) into the Top 100,000 best sellers. As of today, sadly, it has fallen out of the Top 1,000,000. But I'm sure sales will pick up once the book is actually published!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our house has a lot of geckos in it. Allyson took this picture of one on our ceiling recently. I don't mind them; in fact, I much prefer them to the other assorted wildlife that occasionally invade our abode: ants (of varying sizes) and roaches (of one size: extra large). But they drive the cats absolutely insane.